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Masterpearl.com isn’t just another workout program. During the next few weeks, you’ll push yourself to your limit — and then surpass it. Because it’s an all-out effort, Masterpearl.com delivers serious results. In just 15 days, you’ll enjoy a new mindset and feel proud of the skills you are building.

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Welcome, allow me to introduce myself. I am an 8th degree Master of American Shao-Lin Kempo, and have been fortunate enough, to have personally taught, thousands of students this wonderful and intriguing art.

For 40 + years, students have come from all walks of life. All with unique needs & abilities, and each with different ways of understanding & learning.

Today, you can benefit from those decades of experience. Learn directly from the Headmaster of American Schools of Shao-Lin Kempo.

Enter your online Dojo. You’ll experience a vast inventory of exciting and challenging movements, simply laid out for you. Watch and practice, at your tempo, in your schedule, and as you like.

There are no verbal instructions, no language to get in the way and nothing to misunderstand.

Learning the Martial Arts, Self Defense and Conditioning has never been easier.

Click on Begin Learning to enter. Just remember to be fair and patient with yourself. Soon, you’ll move smoothly and powerfully, too.

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