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Shao-Lin Kempo or Kung-Fu, as referred to by the Western Chinese, are one and the same. Shao-Lin Kempo has no weak links in its style-it is a full and complete combat system.The Shao-Lin Kempo movements were derived from the five original animal forms: the DRAGON, the SNAKE, the TIGER, the LEOPARD, and the CRANE.
The fundamentals of Shao-Lin Kempo teach restraint when provoked and defense when attacked. Rarely will you find a true student of this art involved in a fight or brawl, simply because he or she has the confidence of knowing they'll be the ultimate victor; they will be able to walk away from most confrontations without the loss of self-respect.
Shao-Lin Kempo has a special approach to teaching martial arts. It begins with basic karate moves, linear in design. Later, the student is introduced to kempo moves, circular attacks, (and) aggressive control of the opponent. Finally, the student is taught the finer points of Shao-Lin Kung Fu moves, the secret of Chi, a power of motion and the power over balance. The combat philosophy includes punching, kicking, grappling, trapping, and locking. It includes all aspects of the fight, thereby training the student for any situation a confrontation might introduce.
Bullies never stay with this art, for the teachings of discipline are enough to discourage them. They would rather buy a weapon than develop one.

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