Master Pearl

Headmaster Robert Pearlswig is an 8th Degree Black Belt. Headmaster Pearlswig started his studies with Karate in the Martial Arts in the early 1960s. In the early 1970s he began his career in American Shao-Lin Kempo. He started teaching Kempo on a part time basis in 1973. By 1976 he owned his first Dojo. By 1979 he was on the Board of Directors under Grandmaster Fred Villari. In 1982 he became the West Coast Operations Manager and developed more than 60 schools under him. When the company disbanded in 1991, “Master Pearl” continued his studies and teaching. Believing that there is a place for quality training and excellent teaching methods Master Pearl has developed a training method that works for anyone. Graduates of his teaching program are at work today throughout the United States. Achieving 8th Degree Master in February 1995, he continues to train and teach today.

Master Pearl 2015 Master Pearl catches Alex in the air during a Master's Clinic

Master Pearl 2014 Master Pearl leads a group during the bo staff clinic.

Master Pearl 2012 Master Pearl demonstrating a take down at a Winter Retreat in Arizona

Master Pearl 2013 Master Pearl working with Zach on an exercise

Master Pearl 2010 Master Pearl hitting Dan and Alex during a Spring Master's Clinic

Master Pearl 2016 Master Pearl as center judge for black belt sparing at the 2016 Fall Invitational Classic

Master Pearl 2014 Master Pearl twisting up Matt during the 2014 Winter Retreat in Arizona

Master Pearl 2016 Master Pearl leading a class on a sword form during the 2016 Weapons Clinic

Master Pearl 2010 Master Pearl taking Zach to the ground during the 2010 Masters Clinic




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