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Upcoming Lessons

Week 1: Hammer & Back Kick

Kempo Punch Technique
Front Choke Release
Stabbing Knife Defense
Back Heel Kick
Hammer to the Head
#5 and #6 Blocks
Cat Stance

Week 2: Back two Knuckle & Front Instep

Thrust Drive
Single Shoulder Block
Swinging Club - Bat
Side Club
Kempo Punch Technique #2
Front Instep Kick
Blocks #7 and #8 in Horse Stance
Back Two Knuckle Punch
The Kei

Week 3: Front 2 knuckle & Front Ball kick

#6 Combination
#1 and #2 Block from Horse Stance
Front Two Knuckle Punch
How to Form a Fist
Front Ball Kick
Flamingo Stance
Horse Stance
Placed Knife - Front

Week 4: Shuto Strike & Side Blade kick

Lapel Grab and Release
Overhead Club Defense
#7 Combination
Side Blade Kick
Shuto Strike to Collar Bone
Shuto Strike to Side Neck
#3 and #4 Blocks from Horse Stance
Back Fall
Half Moon